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  • Topkapi

    Topkapı Palace

    The great palace of the Ottoman Sultans from the l5th to l9th centuries housing an exquisite collection of crystal, silver and China porcelain, caftans worn by the Sultans and their families, the famous jewels of the Imperial Treasury, miniatures, the Holy Mantle enshrining relics of the Prophet Mohammed. Read More

  • Sultanahmet

    Blue Mosque

    One of the best examples of classical Turkish Art, built between 1609 and 1616 by the Architect Mehmet. The mosque takes its name from the blue Iznik (Nicea’s) tiles which decorate splendedly its walls. Read More

  • Sn_Antuan

    St. Antoine

    St Antoine Church is the biggest Catholic church in İstanbul. Despite it takes place in the middle of İstanbul, it hardly draws the attention. İt is situated on İstiklal street near Galatasaray high school. Read More

  • Ayasofya

    Hagia Sophia

    ThisancientBasilica, builtby Constantinethe Great in the 4th centuryandreconstructed by Justinian in the 6th century is one of thearchitecturalmarvels of allthetimes. Read More

  • Kiz Kulesi

    The Tower of Leander

    From the sea (no interior visit). Known as Leander’s Tower, it is one of the romantic symbols of İstanbul. It is constructed in the l2th century on a tiny islet at the entrance to Istanbul Harbor, the present building dates from the l8th century. Read More

  • Yere Batan Sarayı

    The Underground Cistern

    The interior of Underground Cistern is breathtaking. It is 138 m, 452 ft long by 65m, 213 ft wide. There are 336 columns in the cistern. Most of the column capitals are either in Corinthian or Doric Style. At the far end of the Cistern, there are two heads of Medusa which are put upside down or side ways. The Medusa Heads are taken from an ancient Pagan site but they complement the pillars very beautifully and add a different taste to the building. Read More